DIY Midnight Recovery Concentrate Recipe May 03 2018 2 Comments

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Recipe
This 100% plant-based vegan face oil recipe is inspired by a certain expensive mass-produced evening serum produced by a well-known international brand. This "concentrate" is both healing and calming, and helps your skin "recover" from the day's stress while you sleep. Empowered with this recipe and its ingredients, you'll be able to make multiple batches. Bottles of this blend make lovely gifts from the heart to friends and family. 

What you'll need:

Add the  Rosehip Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil Camellia Seed Oil Argan Oil Sea Buckthorn Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil Grapeseed Oil and  Lavender Essential Oil to the Glass Dropper Bottle. Close bottle cap tightly.  Gently roll the bottle between your palms for approximately ten seconds.  Store face oil in a cool dry area, out of direct sunlight. Apply 1-2 drops every night before bed for optimal recovery, healing and relaxation.