DIY Eczema Body Oil Recipe March 03 2015

Dealing with eczema can be a hopelessly frustrating experience if you've tried practically every solution imaginable.  Countless potential remedies exist, but which ones should you experiment with?  Steroids can be effective treatments, but do you want to deal with their associated side effects?  Over-the-counter creams may provide temporary relief, but they're thick and difficult for the skin to absorb.  We have come up with what we hope is your key to eczema relief - it's a simple, natural recipe that only requires four nourishing ingredients: Kukui Oil, Avocado OilSweet Almond Oil, and Tamanu Oil.  This unique blend can instantly moisturize, calm inflammation, and help the skin heal - all so you can feel comfortably confident quicker.  While different bodies may require different solutions, we love the potential of this particular recipe to provide long-term relief to your exasperating eczema troubles.  Please note: do not use this blend if you suffer from nut allergies.

What you'll need:
1-1/2 oz  Kukui Oil
1 teaspoon Tamanu Oil

Add Kukui Oil, Avocado OilSweet Almond Oil, and Tamanu Oil to the four ounce bottle. Close bottle cap tightly.  Gently roll the bottle between your palms for approximately five to ten seconds.  Rub a few drops of the oil blend between your palms and fingertips and generously apply to areas affected by eczema.  Repeat whenever your skin needs healing nourishment.  Remember to moisturize frequently, especially after showering and bathing.   Avoid using harsh soaps and body washes.  Store your custom oil blend in a cool dry area, out of direct sunlight.