Kukui Oil: A Natural Way to Style Hair and Nourish the Scalp April 26 2014

Kukui oil is a great natural way to style hair while nourishing the scalp.
While kukui nut oil has numerous benefits for the skin, its uses on the hair and scalp are often overlooked.  This luxurious natural oil is light enough to use on the hair without making it look or feel greasy.  Kukui oil is able to tame unruly hair while feeding the scalp antioxidants and fatty acids.  The key to successfully using kukui oil on the hair is managing the amount you use per application.  We recommend rubbing a dime-sized amount between the palms and fingertips, then lightly run your fingers through the hair until you achieve your desired look.  It might take a few tries to get that naturally beautiful look you're going for, but the end result will be worth it once you perfect your method.